Why Aware?

If you’ve landed on our career’s page, you’re probably wondering “what’s in for me?” Here’s what!

Work on niche and complex projects, stuff that you’ve always wanted to work on but never had the chance, for enterprise level clients and well-known brands (ahem Coca-Cola for instance)

Imagine you needed heart surgery and had to select the doctor to perform it. Would you want the one straight out of med school or the one who’d done thousands of successful surgeries? Well, that’s kind of what a customer needs to decide when choosing a consultancy. That’s why we have some of the best and most experience talent in the country who will support you and you can learn from.

Quality of delivery must be above all else when setting up project teams. That’s why it’s not just about who’s available at the time, it’s about the right people and structure to ensure it gets delivered properly. You’ll be on a project with a) people with the right skillset, and b) the right amount of people!

Great people, who want to make you feel at home and help you, whether it’s on WhatsApp or our public praise wall. We care about you!

We’re all adults and we’ve all been doing this a while now. So, we let you manage your own time, we just expect the outcome to be delivered. But if you need to go to an appointment or pick the kids up from school, life happens go do that, plan it around important meetings and stand-ups.

Everyone says it, but what does it really mean? Well, we give you black and white targets and goals to achieve using Lattice which tracks your progress, gives you reminders, and continually addresses development in monthly 1:1’s so you can hit the next level, and of course next salary band.

Our salaries align to the level you’d be hired at internally. This can only be determined by a thorough interview process. We also offer a range of benefits that aren’t usually seen in a company of our size!

Some of the things we offer:

  • Extra leave days and volunteering days
  • Paid Parental Leave – 12 weeks for primary carers, anytime in the first 12 months of a child being born + full superannuation payments from start of leave, whether paid, half pay or unpaid
  • Flexible Work Arrangements, such as working from home and varied start and finish times
  • Allowances for phone, BYOD and health and wellbeing
  • Salary Packaging Options for laptops, phones, work from home equipment, purchased annual leave and superannuation
  • Novated Car Leasing
  • Multiple corporate partnerships with discounts and special deals across insurance, fitness, and extras
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Internal and external training

Yes, we think we’re great, and we do things well. But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We will make mistakes along the way, but we put our hands up and own that, and we quickly adapt. You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

Bring Your Future Forward™ And Work With Us

Core Hiring Principles

Our people are outcome focused, adaptable, reliable and passionate about contributing. We look for insightful, team focused people that are interested in sharing and extending their knowledge.

Learn about Aware’s Values

What’s the interview process?2022-03-14T14:07:51+10:00

Depending on what level you’re interviewing for, it 2 or 3 stages. The first is a chat with People and Culture, and then a technical interview (what’s your knowledge, behavioural and situational questions, and always time for you to ask questions too). For more senior roles, the third stage is a “real life” situation: you get a requirement from a customer and need to present your solution.

What are my working hours?2022-03-14T14:36:06+10:00

40 in a week. You can vary your start and finish time, but we tend to try and do 9am-5pm to align with our customers. Just be there for stand ups and important meetings of course.

Is there working from home?2022-03-14T14:36:33+10:00

Yes! We work from home about 50% of time, sometimes more, sometimes less.  It depends on where you need to be to get the work done.

I applied to a job online, will I hear back?2022-03-14T14:07:51+10:00

A member of our talent acquisition team will review your submission and if your experience aligns, we’ll reach out to schedule a call to have a conversation and take it from there.

Do you pay for certifications?2022-03-14T14:36:44+10:00

Yes, we do.  You can do as many of our partner certifications as you want, on us!  We also pay for external training for our team as well, so you can keep your technical and consulting skills sharp.

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