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Our dedicated team of data and analytics professionals, offer significant experience in delivering projects of all sizes in integration, data platform modernisation, analytics, data science, and information governance.

Data Strategy and Roadmap

Every business, regardless of size, needs to be a data business. And if every business is a data business, every business therefore needs a robust data strategy.

Data has no intrinsic value till it’s made actionable (by humans) and agile (by machines). Therein lies the need for a robust data strategy – one that starts with your internal resources and capabilities and builds on these.

Contact us today to understand how Aware’s Engage, Understand, Analyse, Resolve, Enable approach provides a right-sized data strategy and actionable roadmap, with quantifiable recommendations, identified pathways, tasks, and ownership to start establishing your business as data driven.

Active Data Governance

Organisations that have a strong data governance framework in place are embracing the benefits of data-enabled business—improved performance, efficient operations and enhanced information sharing for better decision making. However, building an infrastructure of active data governance takes it to the next level

Active data governance is dynamic because it uses technology tools like data dictionaries, data glossaries and data catalogs to bring context to data. It also removes manual processes and builds, monitors and boosts a variety of capabilities around data quality and usage.

Contact us to find how Active Data Governance can be embedded in your company, giving everyone in your business access to the data they need in the context they need it.

Reporting and Analytics

The role of reporting & visualisation is to present the relevant data in such a way that the message is quickly understood by the business, and time is spent effectively and efficiently on decision making. The information presented must focus on the right key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive business performance and delivery of business strategy.

Aware can help you kick start your effective reporting & visualisation journey by ensuring data is optimised for visualisation, identifying KPIs, choosing the right technology and implementing high performing dashboards.

Modern Information Environment

As the role of the cloud becomes predominant in the modern world, more and more businesses are establishing cloud-first to be part of their data architecture for their information environment.

At Aware Services, we have a suite of solutions to transform your information environment into cloud centric operational model across the information lifecycle including data collection, processing and storage. Furthermore, taking a service-based approach to your data architecture can create efficiency and cost savings, as well as combine with your on premise legacy with hybrid integration

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to delve into complex data analysis. Even if they did, it would be a challenge to figure out what actions to take based on the insights gleaned from all that data.

With Aware’s Advanced Analytics Fast Start, you can get up and running quickly with minimal effort. Our solutions uses AI and machine learning algorithms to help you make predictions and recommendations that will improve your business outcomes.

Hybrid Integration

    “The complex challenges posed by digital business transformation require a radical change in the integration technology platform and in the way organizations deal with integration.” Gartner

    A Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) enables collaboration, democratisation and reuse of assets through features like asset repositories, helping integration teams build and support the volume of integrations that digital transformation initiatives require.

    An effective HIP ensures both cloud and on-premise systems and the information they hold are available across the business.

    To help organisations implement Hybrid Integration, Aware Services provide a full lifecycle plan for your Hybrid Integration journey with strategy, roadmap, design, delivery and support.

    Salesforce Data Migration

    A key success factor for a Salesforce implementation is the data migration, whether it be from existing Salesforce solutions, legacy operational systems or simply Excel files.

    For multi-cloud Salesforce solutions the complexity rises and cannot be left to chance.

    Aware provide the full lifecycle of data migrations service marrying our unrivalled combination of Salesforce Cloud and Data & Analytics expertise.

    Free Trials

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